Management Vision/Corporate Philosophy


Trust and Progress

This phrase has been well-known since the company's inauguration in 2006,
and its spirit is also alive as a Action Principle.

Corporate Vision

Exploring the limitless potential of steel sheets,
we contributes to delivering a better life to many people into the futur.

This Corporate Vision clarifies our goal where we wish that "We want to make us such a company" and that "We wants to be like this."
With a strong pride we have cultivated up until now as a professional group with high technological ability in steel sheets/panel building materials, we will continue to provide steel sheets/panel required by society to every corner of world.
We aim at becoming such a company that will purify people and society through providing our products.

Action Principle

Act with a healthy sense of humanity,
sincerity and integrity

Strive to achieve aspirations
and keep working vigorously

Take action in a fair and honest manner,
living up to the trust of society

The Action Principle is a top-level concept which serves as a base for realizing our Corporate Vision
and expresses the values that we treasure the most when working.
The roots of the three philosophies spelled out by each 22 character string in Japanese have the spirit of what is called "three-way satisfaction (all parties being satisfied)"
(the knowledge of ancient merchants which is called Omi shonin, when both buyers and sellers are satisfied and where it is good business to be able to contribute to society).