As a member of society, we contribute what we can do to the environment and to society.

Environmental Initiatives

Nippon Steel Coated Sheet Corporation will promote environmental preservation activities based on the following policies.

  1. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, etc. when promoting all business activities.
  2. We will promote environmental conservation activities focusing on the following items.
    • Promotion of resource saving/energy conservation activities in all manufacturing processes
    • Improvement of products and promotion of development with consideration for reducing environmental burden
    • Promotion of environmental conservation activities which do not cause harmful substances to flow out
    • Promotion of human resource development that we act with recognizing environmental conservation

Proposal of an optimal building system for plant factories

"Artificial light type plant factories" have a stable cultivation environment throughout the year, as they are not easily susceptible to changes to the environment by the seasons and weather. These are an attractive agricultural method in Japan, which has a large climate change.
We propose a building for a plant factory that is inexpensive and has high performance by utilizing insulation panel technology, which we are good at and very popular for. The building system named the "NISC UNIT BOX" utilizes thin sheet lightweight steel and enables reducing the steel framework weight. The sandwich panel heat insulation function also shortens the insulation process at the same time as reducing costs. The construction period can be greatly shortened, and there are many advantages such as ease of construction without welding with screw joining.
In addition, the first property was adopted as one of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries' "FY2015 Advanced Model Agriculture Establishment Demonstration Projects through Collaboration between the Agricultural Industry and the Business World", and this was built as a demonstration plant in Uwajima (Ehime Prefecture). We already have a track record of having these plant factories adopted in other places.

  • 植物工場に最適なシステム建築1
  • 植物工場に最適なシステム建築2