Fusion of anti-wear technology and design, deformed ceramic ware expression in pre-painted steel sheets




As a pioneer of wear-resistant steel sheets, we at NISC have a patent of an extremely low-gloss deformed ceramic ware color steel sheet which is the fusion of highly evaluated wear-resistant technology and entirely new painting technology. The excellent performance of pre-painted steel sheets is fully demonstrated, beautiful gradations are formed, and these sheets realize Southern European style metal roofs, which are trendy residential roofs. Including our main roofing products the EVERROOF KAWARA and EVERROOF YOKOBUKI series, you can use TERAKOTTO as substrates for various molded products.


Beautiful deformed ceramic ware design through a pre-painted steel sheet
The industry's first beautiful and non-glazed looking appearance. By painting with multiple paints and making full use of the state-of-the-art painting technology, we realized the design of a Southern European style metal roof.
Excellent durability through strengthened painting technology with glass fibers
Strengthening the paint by mixing extremely low gloss special polyester resin and glass fibers. This exhibits excellent durability due to its unique anti-wear technology, which has been cultivated over many years.
Excellent corrosion resistance by utilizing Galvalume Steel Sheet as a base metal
Since Galvalume Steel Sheets are used as base metal sheets, it has excellent corrosion resistance. It can maintain high quality for a long time and is advantageous for maintenance.

Color Variations